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I have to say that The Upside of Down Times: Discovering the Power of Gratitude by Lisa Ryan is just what I needed. In my own personal journey, it has been suggested that I work on being grateful for what I have. It is a struggle at times to remember that when it seems everything is going wrong, it’s not really everything.
This workbook has really good exercises that force you to dig deep to find the good. In most cases, it’s not really that hard; it’s really about if you want to recognize it. Looking at things from a positive perspective is not something I do easily or even very often.  

The first exercise follows a short story about a trip to a restaurant where Lisa experienced exceptional service. She asked for the general manager’s business card and sent a note about the server. The next time she came in, he remembered her and had written her a poem of gratitude and how her small note touched his life in a huge way.

The exercise asks you to write to or about someone who has provided excellent service to you. This one I had to skip because I haven’t been out much. I will do this the very next time I have a great experience.

Lisa goes on to say “Gratitude is in the details.” and “gratitude is not a now-and-then thing.” Boy is that true! It takes practice to make it a part of your everyday life. Something I have not ever done in mine. No wonder I haven’t had many positive reactions to life.

Another exercise is to go about your day and make a point to bring a smile to someone’s face and log what you have learned from the experience. This is just another from the introduction.

This book is filled with great ways to reflect on yourself and remember the good in the life you have, even when everything is not at its best. I believe this is a great tool for me. I can imagine this would be great for someone in the process of recovery, and I mean recovery of all types - mine is co-dependency, so I am working on making my life more enjoyable and setting the past free.

The Upside of Down Times: Discovering the Power of Gratitude is a workbook I will work over and over, so I chose not to write in the book but rather in a notebook. This is part of my new self-loving program and I will even purchase copies for my friends who have similar struggles!

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